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World Druidry
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"World Druidry:
A Globalizing Path of Nature Spirituality"

What does it mean to be a Druid, circa 2020 c.e.?

Until now, very little scholarly attention has been paid to the group of Druids, alive today, who actively engage in some form of Druidry (or Druidism) as their primary religious or spiritual path. There are many Druidic authors and groups, each promoting a slightly different variation of Druidry, but little research has been done, as yet, to determine the extent to which what is written in their Druidry books and curricula is actually put into practice. What do modern-day Druids believe? What are their religious and spiritual practices? How do their beliefs and practices vary? What if anything do the Druids of the world hold in common?

“World Druidry: A Globalizing Path of Nature Spirituality”, presents the findings of the World Druidry Survey — a global, multi-lingual survey exploring the religious beliefs and spiritual practices of contemporary world Druids. The survey comprised 189 items, organized into 42 sets of questions, including 18 open-ended/essay questions, probing into the details of: Druids’ physical, social, and cultural environments; their social and cultural identities; their theological beliefs, ritual practices, and celebrated holidays; and the factors which had influenced their development as Druids.

Completed surveys were returned by 725 practicing Druids, representing 147 Druidry groups from around the world, as well as 131 unaffiliated, solitary practitioners. Surveys were returned from 34 nations, scattered across 6 continents, and represented a group of modern Druids highly diverse along lines of age, gender, ethnic identity, and level of experience with Druidry. The survey responses included both vast quantities of numeric data and thousands of pages of rich, narrative data, allowing for the use of robust, mixed-methods analysis tools to paint a vivid picture of the modern religious tradition that is World Druidry.

Table of Contents

Pop Quiz
An Offering of Gratitude
Chapter 1: Concerning “Druids”
  • What does it mean to be a Druid, circa 2020 C.E.?
  • A Brief Review of Existing Literature
  • Chapter 2: The World Druidry Survey
  • Participant-Researcher Background & Motivations
  • Research Design
  • Questionnaire Development Process
  • Encouraging Global Participation
  • Protecting Participant Privacy and Data Security
  • The Unprecedented Response
  • Making Sense of the Stories
  • Chapter 3: A Geography of World Druidry
  • Modern Druids and their Natural Environments
  • Connections to Celtic Culture and the Lands of Ancient Druids
  • Modern Druids and their Local Communities
  • Privacy & Safety Concerns of Modern Druids
  • Modern Druids at Home
  • Druidry, with Children
  • Chapter 4: Crafting a Personal Path of Druidry
  • Factors Influencing Druids’ Spiritual Paths
  • The Impact of Druidry Groups & Curricula
  • Influential Authors, Books, and Media
  • The Role of Geography in the Evolution of Druidry
  • The Process of Becoming a Druid
  • Chapter 5: Themes & Variations in Druid Theology
  • Druid Perceptions of the Divine
  • The Role of Ancestors in Druidry Practice
  • Religions and Spiritual Traditions Practiced with Druidry
  • Spiritual Wildcrafting as a Form of Devotion
  • Cultivating Relationships with the Divine
  • Chapter 6: Druid Ritual & Devotional Practices
  • Common Ritual Practices Among Druids
  • Sacred Objects in Druid Ritual & Celebration
  • Places of Druid Ritual & Celebration
  • Social Contexts for Druid Ritual & Celebration
  • Sacred Activities in Everyday Life
  • Universal Themes in Druid Ritual & Devotional Practice
  • Chapter 7: Druid Festivals & Celebrations
  • The Traditional Druid “Wheel of the Year”
  • Seasonal Festivals in a Globalizing Tradition
  • Celebrating Cycles of Life, in Nature
  • Druidry’s Wildcrafted Wheels of the Year
  • Universal Themes in Druid Festivals & Celebrations
  • Chapter 8: Druidry’s Spiritual Common Core
  • Druidry Variations due to Druid Group Membership
  • Druidry Variations due to Geographical Location
  • How Druidry Traditions Have Evolved Over Time
  • Druidry's Spiritual Common Core, circa 2020 c.e.
  • Afterword
    Appendix A: The Survey Instrument
    Appendix B: Druid Population Estimates
    Appendix C: Participating Druid Groups