Praise for the Book

21st Century Druidry –– The Facts

On October 17, 2021, for the first time in history, two Druids (Dr. Larisa A. White & Mr. Neil Pitchford) were invited to speak at the Parliament of the World's Religions about contemporary World Druidry. Their presentation, "Cultivating Honorable Relationships with the World: Lessons from the ‘Scriptures’ of Druidry," shared some key findings from the World Druidry book, to help debunk the popular myths and widely-circulated misinformation about modern Druids' religious beliefs and spiritual practices. If you want a taste of what 21st Century Druidry is really all about, this 42-minute video will get you started.

World Druidry Survey Forms

These PDF survey forms, which were originally used for the World Druidry Survey of 2018-2020,
are free to download for use in Druidic self-study, or in academic research.