Front Matter

Pop Quiz
An Offering of Gratitude

Chapter 1

Concerning “Druids”
What does it mean to be a Druid, circa 2020 c.e.?
A Brief Review of Existing Literature
Chapter 1 Notes & References

Chapter 2

The World Druidry Survey
Participant-Researcher Background & Motivations
Research Design
Questionnaire Development Process
Encouraging Global Participation
Protecting Participant Privacy and Data Security
The Unprecedented Response
Making Sense of the Stories
Chapter 2 Notes & References

Chapter 3

A Geography of World Druidry
Modern Druids and their Natural Environments
Connections to Celtic Culture and the Lands of Ancient Druids
Modern Druids and their Local Communities
Privacy & Safety Concerns of Modern Druids
Modern Druids at Home
Druidry, with Children
Chapter 3 Notes & References

Chapter 4

Crafting a Personal Path of Druidry
Factors Influencing Druids’ Spiritual Paths
The Impact of Druidry Groups & Curricula
Influential Authors, Books, and Media
The Role of Geography in the Evolution of Druidry
The Process of Becoming a Druid
Chapter 4 Notes & References

Chapter 5

Themes & Variations in Druid Theology
Druid Perceptions of the Divine
The Role of Ancestors in Druidry Practice
Religions and Spiritual Traditions Practiced with Druidry
Spiritual Wildcrafting as a Form of Devotion
Cultivating Relationships with the Divine
Chapter 5 Notes & References

Chapter 6

Druid Ritual & Devotional Practices
Common Ritual Practices Among Druids
Sacred Objects in Druid Ritual & Celebration
Places of Druid Ritual & Celebration
Social Contexts for Druid Ritual & Celebration
Sacred Activities in Everyday Life
Universal Themes in Druid Ritual & Devotional Practice
Chapter 6 Notes & References

Chapter 7

Druid Festivals & Celebrations
The Traditional Druid “Wheel of the Year”
Seasonal Festivals in a Globalizing Tradition
Celebrating Cycles of Life, in Nature
Druidry’s Wildcrafted Wheels of the Year
Universal Themes in Druid Festivals & Celebrations
Chapter 7 Notes & References

Chapter 8

Druidry’s Spiritual Common Core
Druidry Variations due to Druid Group Membership
Druidry Variations due to Geographical Location
How Druidry Traditions Have Evolved Over Time
Druidry’s Spiritual Common Core, circa 2020 c.e.
Chapter 8 Notes & References

Back Matter

Appendix A: The Survey Instrument
Appendix B: Druid Population Estimates & Census Data
Appendix C: Participating Druid Groups