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Educational Philosophy

Why focus on
Nature Study?

Why explore
world cultures?

Why teach
quiet contemplation?

Welcome to Quercus Academy...

... where learning is in our Nature.

We are a community of independent scholars engaged in continuous development of knowledge and skills, through nature study, explorations of world cultures, and quiet contemplation. Scholars work together to cultivate the habits of careful observation, reverent stewardship, and respectful companionship toward all of the natural wonders of our world: the beauty and power of earth, sea, and sky, the diverse plant and animal life, and the many, varied Peoples of the Earth. We seek to build bridges, to make connections, and to find patterns of similarity and difference that can inform our actions, and make us wise.

Mentors of the Academy serve as role-models in the learning process. They actively engage in their own scholarly pursuits. They scatter seeds of insight. They ask probing questions. And they help younger scholars to develop the skills they need in order to:

But mentors do so quietly, gently, and stealthily – so that the reins remain firmly in the hands of the scholar, and the drive remains in the child’s heart.

At Quercus Academy, "Learning is in our Nature."