Larisa A. White, M.S.Ed., Ph.D.
(née Larisa Naples)

Curriculum Vitae

Educator, author, and independent scholar with 25+ years combined experience in curriculum design, teaching, mixed-methods sociological research, and educational evaluation. My work has focused on the neurobiology of learning, and on the ways in which people learn, grow, and change under the influence of changing educational contexts and cultures.

I also do a fair bit of creative work, on the side.


Employment History

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Past Projects in Educational Evaluation

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Academic Papers & Publications

Creative Works

"Bee Mine"
—written by Larisa Naples

Winner of the Short Script Competition of the 9th Annual Los Angeles International Short Film Festival (2005). Logline: "Bee meets Girl."

"The Latch-Key Solution"
—written and directed by
Larisa Naples

A Silicon Valley spooky story for geeks of all persuasions. (full-cast audio drama) Logline: "A software engineer, a realtor, and a homeless nut walk into a haunted office..."

"Spangle Dangle Glitter"
—words and music by
Larisa A. White

A holiday song in two parts, celebrating the magic of intentional hope, and the cultivation of light in the darkness.

"Coast Range Wassail"
—lyrics by Larisa A. White

New lyrics for a very old wassailing tune. Sing for the blessings of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth - for the health and well-being of the orchard.

"I Sing the Awen"
—words and music by
Larisa A. White

A simple song to sing down the blessings of divine inspiration.