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World Druidry book cover

"World Druidry"
(The Book)


"If anybody wants to know what modern Druidry is like, across the world at the present day, then this is the book which provides the answer. It is researched to rigorous standards of academic scholarship, while also allowing Druids to speak in their own many voices, unmediated. No other work brings out so clearly what they have in common, and what distinguishes them between groups and nations. It is an excellent achievement."

Ronald Hutton
Professor of History
University of Bristol

Author of "Blood and Mistletoe: The History of the Druids in Britain"

"World Druidry offers a fascinating and unrivalled survey of contemporary Druidry internationally. It is enlightening about attitudes and activities, clarifies dynamic frictions between individuality and community, and traces generational changes. Among many virtues, its inclusion of the many voices of diverse Druids will make this an invaluable resource for researchers and practitioners alike."

Graham Harvey
Professor of Religious Studies
The Open University, UK

Author of "Animism: Respecting the Living World"

"With this book, the written history of Druidry has now entered a fourth stage. The first stage were the writings of antiquity. The second, the personal writings of the Druid pioneers of the late 20th / early 21st Century such as Carr-Gomm, Shallcrass and Restall-Orr. The third, the academic histories of the Druids as revealed by the likes of Hutton et al. Now we have a book which, for me, is probably the most important Druid book in the last 10 years. [...] For someone who is active in interfaith such as myself, this book will be a great toolkit with which to refer when, in discussions, the inevitable "what Druidry actually is, and how it is practiced" questions arise within the national UK interfaith setting. Highly recommended."

Neil Pitchford
Trustee, The Druid Network
and Vice-Moderator,
Faith Communities Forum,
The Inter Faith Network

"World Druidry"
(The Book)

Hardcover: US$48.00
ISBN: 978-1-7367792-0-0

Trade Paperback: US$36.00
ISBN: 978-1-7367792-1-7

BOOK PREORDERS will be accepted and filled by the author, from Beltane 2021 until the official publication date in June. All books will be printed on demand, locally, to minimize the wait, and the carbon-footprint of delivery.

The book presenting the complete findings of the World Druidry Survey is scheduled for publication at Midsummer 2021, after which time, it will be available for special order through a wide variety of book sellers, world wide.

The Mt. Haemus lecture, presenting a subset of the findings, will be published by the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids at Beltane 2021.

Larisa A. White among Coast Range Mountain manzanitas


Larisa A. White, M.S.Ed., Ph.D. (née Larisa Naples), is an author, educator, and independent scholar with 30 years’ combined experience in mixed-methods sociological research, curriculum design, educational program evaluation, and teaching. She is the founder of Quercus Academy, where she currently teaches. Her research activities focus on the neurobiology of learning, the ways in which people learn, grow, and change under the influence of changing educational contexts and cultures, and the sociology of contemporary, nature-based religions. In her free time, she works on ecological restoration projects in the Coast Range Mountains of California. (View curriculum vitae.)